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Ensure your product is delivered undamaged thanks to ISTA certifications

Meet Amazon's stringent packaging and shipping requirements with the Amazon Certificate. Sebert Trillingstechniek, as an Amazon partner, ensures that you can sell your products through Amazon as quickly as possible thanks to various ISTA certifications.


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Transport simulation program for your ISTA certificate

Amazon puts the customer first. Indispensable here is the packaging and shipping of your goods to the end consumer. With the global ISTA Packaging Certificate, you meet Amazon's high standards to offer your products on the platform. Sebert Trillingstechniek's proven test methods ensure that your packaged product or prototype meets all standards.

Your Amazon Certificate in four steps

Products, packaging, and materials are sometimes hit hard before they reach the end-user. They are exposed to mechanical stress during transport, storage, and actual use. Thanks to our proven test procedure, we provide optimized packaging, which guarantees your Amazon Certificate.


Analysis of the influences of the environment and transport

The environmental conditions can be measured by Sebert during real-life transport or simulated and tested in our test lab.


Assessment of the vulnerability of a product

Product vulnerability provides an objective yardstick for determining to what extent a product is capable of withstanding external influences.


(Re)design of the product/packaging

Based on our experience and connections, we can offer advice on alternative packaging methods and materials.


Testing of the product/packaging

When the previous steps have resulted in a combined product packaging, they can then be tested to determine the full performance.


FBA & SIOC test methods

Various packaging, various requirements. To deliver goods to Amazon's distribution center, you must comply with FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) or SIOC (Shipment in own Container) test methods. With these methods, Amazon always ensures reliable packaging quality for the end consumer. And therefore also for high-quality delivery of your goods.

Sebert is an official Amazon partner

Sebert Trillingstechniek ensures that with the ISTA Packaging Certificate you start selling on the Amazon platform as soon as possible.

Thanks to our many years of proven experience, we can call ourselves a proud partner of the Amazon certification program. With this we help to ensure that Amazon always provides quality packaging and shipping of goods - to and from the end consumer.
In other words: a positive impact on your profit and your name!

Read more about testing en certificates on the Amazon site.

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