Medical tests

Meet all market requirements for reliable medical transport of your corona virus vaccines and medical supplies.

Vaccinating the world's population against the Covid-19 virus as soon as possible is not only a medical challenge, but the transportation requirements are also at least as difficult. Sebert Trillingstechniek provides high-quality medical transport simulation tests under strict requirements with the correct accredited tests. With Sebert, you ensure that you meet all medical standards to transport your corona virus vaccines safely and qualitatively to the final location.


Meeting the market's high requirements | Officially accredited by RvA | 20 years of experience in medical transport


Meet the standards for global medical transportation

Medical transport is a profession in its own right. And where the pressure under corona vaccinations is now extra high, every small transport error is fatal. With the accredited test methods of Sebert Trillingstechniek, you ensure that your medical packaging meets all market requirements for safe and high-quality transport. In our test laboratory, we offer a wide range of mechanical tests that simulate (accelerated) practice.

Meeting the high medical market requirements in four steps

All medical transport - but certainly corona vaccinations - must meet high market requirements. Sebert Trillingstechniek guarantees you the correct tests and certificates for your medical transport packaging. We provide optimized product packaging in just four steps.


Analysis of the influences of the environment and transport

The environmental conditions can be measured by Sebert during real-life transport or simulated and tested in our test lab.


Assessment of the vulnerability of a product

Product vulnerability provides an objective yardstick for determining to what extent a product is capable of withstanding external influences.


(Re)design of the product/packaging

Based on our experience and connections, we can offer advice on alternative packaging methods and materials.


Testing of the product/packaging

When the previous steps have resulted in a combined product packaging, they can then be tested to determine the full performance.


Transport packaging simulation testing under high standards

To transport your medical packaging under the highest requirements, Sebert performs packaging tests with the ASTM D 7386 standard, among other things, transport simulation. Agencies such as the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) place great importance on testing under these strict standards. Sebert Trillingstechniek's test laboratory is the only party in the Netherlands that is officially accredited by the Dutch Accreditation Council to perform transport simulations under the ASTM D 7386 standard. With this, your test report will be recognized and accepted worldwide.

Sebert: accredited since 2012

Sebert Trillingstechniek has 20 years of experience in mechanical testing for third parties. Thanks to various accreditations, we have received recognition from the Dutch government for our technical ability to perform dynamic (shock, drop, impact and vibration) tests for products and packaging. This also applies to the standards of medical transport. Our experience, knowledge, and expertise ensure that your (medical) transport packaging can always be transported under extremely high-quality requirements. This way you are always guaranteed maximum quality products for your end-user.

Accredited since 2012!


Do you want to transport your medical transport safely?

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