Analysis Program Shock and Vibration

Shock and vibration calculations
With our in-house developed software, we can perform strength, stiffness, shock and vibration calculations for panels and other complex constructions. Calculations are both aimed at meeting the set requirements and at optimization with regards to weight, cost savings etc.

Designing well for shock requires optimal use of materials (as light as possible), material properties, strength and stiffness. Sebert Trillingstechniek also considers the production possibilities and costs in consultation with the client.

A very basic rule with regards to shock is to avoid all that is unnecessary. What is not there does not have to be drawn, calculated or made and this saves costs. The loads and therefore tensions are reduced during a shock test. Moreover, something that is not there cannot break.

One "free" shock calculation for every new customer!! 
Throughout 2022 we will give every new customer the first shock calculation report with Rubber or Wire Rope Mounts for free.

We would like to receive the dimensions, weight, center of gravity and mounting position (preferably in PDF format) and the shock input. You will get a clear picture of what the possibilities are that we can offer you and what you the yields will be!!! 

As stated before, the customer is key to Sebert Trillingstechniek. This is is why we strive for optimal service provision. Do you have questions or problems with shock, vibration or noise? Sebert Trillingstechniek will help you. We have extensive knowledge and more than 35 years of experience in the field of shock, vibration, noise and fatigue. We also have an accredited laboratory to professionally solve all your problems and carry out tests.