Vacuum tester (under pressure)

Changes in air pressure may occur during (air) transport. Changes in air pressure may, for instance, have a detrimental effect on a sealed bag or any other type of airtight packaging. During air transportation, a negative pressure of 595 mbar (>5 degrees Celsius) can occur in the cargo bay of an aircraft (except military flights). Negative pressure may also occur during transport in the mountains around 800 mbar. Your product and/or packaging may be damaged by this pressure difference.

Vacuum test chamber

Using our vacuum test pressure chamber, we are able to simulate negative pressure combined with temperature and vibration. Scuffing may occur by the combination of temperature and vibration, as a result of the product expanding, losing its original shape. The material will become porous locally and micro tears may develop in the material causing leakage.


  • Dimensions: round 80 cm x high 120 cm
  • Negative pressure: 50 – 1000 mbar
  • Maximum weight: 1.300 kg
  • Temperature range: -40 to 70 degrees Celsius

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