Developments in our business can occur quickly. Last year, for example, the packaging standard ASTM D 4169 was radically changed. Soon, there will also be a major change in maritime standards, which will be entirely revised to random vibration tests.

Introducing our shock/vibration analysis calculator (1x free report)
At Sebert Trillingstechniek we offer acoustic tube mounts, Steel Wire Rope Mounts and Rubber damping units for the purpose of reducing shocks, vi…
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The Forgotten Damage Boundary Method
The Forgotten Damage Boundary Method The D-Bound-curve measures the fragility level of a product. A programmable shock-testing machine is used to det…
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Important change in the ASTM D 4169-22
Important change in the ASTM D 4169-22 In the latest ASTM D 4169 standard, a major change has taken place. The vibration profiles for the aircraft si…
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Meeting the high medical market requirements in four steps
Meet all market requirements for reliable medical transport of your corona virus vaccines and medical supplies. Vaccinating the world's population aga…
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Your Amazon Certificate in four steps
Ensure your product is delivered undamaged thanks to ISTA certifications Meet Amazon's stringent packaging and shipping requirements with the Amazon C…
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Our new Clamping Compression tester is now in use!
With the recent arrival of our new Clamping Compression Test machine, we can accurately simulate the forces experienced during the transport and distr…
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