Developments in our business can occur quickly. Last year, for example, the packaging standard ASTM D 4169 was radically changed. Soon, there will also be a major change in maritime standards, which will be entirely revised to random vibration tests.

Air transport measurement Amsterdam - Los Angeles
On 11 and 12 January 2018, Marc Bongaarts of the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam (SMA) transported a painting by Jasper Johns to The Broad Museum in Los An…
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Shocking values ​​measured with the (un)loading of an aircraft bag
I took my travel bag with me for my trip to Marseille (France). I could not resist to place a GPS system and a Lansmont Saver inside my bag that logs …
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Influences of shock and vibration
There are various influences that can cause damage to products during transport, including temperature, humidity, vibrations and shocks. We understand…
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Rent the standalone data recorder SAVER 9X30
Sebert Trillingstechniek has invested in the Lansmont SAVER 9X30. Now with 3 internal and 6 external accelerometers to measure the shock and vibration…
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Why random vibration tests are better than sinus vibration tests
Sinus sweep vibration tests are often used more for research than for test taking. For the determination of certain natural frequencies in constructio…
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Changes in the transport simulation (ASTM) test standard
In the latest ASTM D 4169 standard has been a fundamental change, the vibration profiles are adjusted. Since there is always a transition between vers…
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