Dust Tests (IP5X and IP6X)

Dust Tests

Sand and dust tests can be used during the development, testing and evaluation of equipment. They are used to assess the reliability of equipment under the influence of dry sand and dust conditions. Sand and dust tests simulate the effects of particles down to 150 microns in size. These particles can work their way into cracks, crevices, bearings, and many other fittings.

The IP5X classification does not give total assurance that enclosures provide complete protection against dust ingress, but that the effects of dust shall not reach a level whereby the operation of the equipment is affected, or the safety is impaired.

The IP6X classification provides assurance that the enclosures are completely protected against dust ingress. The enclosures are tested for 8 hours (under suspended dust conditions) to ensure satisfactory compliance.

Test item dimensions: 1700x1160x1500mm
IP Classification 5X and 6X
Dust concentration range: 2 to 4 kg/m3
Airflow: 2 to 3 m/s

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