Rain/Water Test (IPX1, IPX2, IPX3, IPX4, IPX5, IPX6 and IPX7)

Rain/Water tests according to IEC 60529

With our water tests we are now able to provide conformity with the following IP classifications:

IPX1: Raindrops - vertical fall: Shall have no damaging effects from rain droplets (1mm/m)

IPX2: Raindrops - angled fall: Similar to IPX1 only the test item is angled at 15 degrees (3mm/m)

IPX3: Spraying: Shall have no damaging effects with water sprayed up to an angle of 60 degrees on either side. (10l/m)

IPX4: Splashing: Similar to IPX3 only the water is sprayed from every angle (10l/m)

IPX5: Waterjet: Shall have no damaging effects when sprayed using a 6.3 mm nozzle, from a distance of 3 meters (12.5l/m)

IPX6: Powerful waterjet: Similar to IPX5 only using a larger 12.5mm nozzle (100l/m)

IPX7: Immersion: Shall have no damaging effects after being submerged 1 meter under water

Dimensions of the test space 500x500x500mm
Waterflow: 1 – 100l/m
Temperature: 10 – 55 degrees Celsius

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