Rent the standalone data recorder SAVER 9X30


The SAVER is a data recorder for unmanned and remote (field) measurements. The SAVER can be used as a standalone in remote locations or where manual data systems cannot be used. Because of its compact size, the SAVER is suitable for many applications. For example, it can be packaged with the product, mounted under a pallet or transported in a truck or with a vulnerable part of a larger device.

The measured data can be used for:

  • the determination of vibration, shock and handling requirements of products to be transported;
  • transport simulations in the laboratory instead of relatively expensive and non-reproducible test transports;
  • the determination of the levels of permissible acceleration and vibration levels;
  • monitoring valuable and/or vulnerable products;
  • improving and optimizing products;
  •  insurance issues: When and where did the damage occur? What were the acceleration levels? Who is liable?

The SAVER is widely used as input for transport simulations in the laboratory. The result of a test transport is highly dependent on the driver, speed, driving style, conditions, chosen route, humidity, temperature, transfer and more. The final results of identical test transports are therefore not easily or even poorly comparable and sometimes differ by a factor of 2-3. That is why transports are usually measured more than once.

On average, the costs of a simulation in the laboratory are 50% lower than those of a test transport.

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