Changes in the transport simulation (ASTM) test standard


In the latest ASTM D 4169 standard has been a fundamental change, the vibration profiles are adjusted. Since there is always a transition between versions, we will proceed from 01 January 2017 to the latest version of the ASTM D 4169.

But what does this change mean for you?

In the old version you could choose between three vibration levels, as unwritten rule, when you test three hours, the following will be simulated:
- Level III, West Europe á 1000km
- Level II, East Europe á 2300km
-Level I, Worldwide á 5400km

The truck profiles are updated in the new version of the standard. It is remarkable that there is focused on a leaf-spring truck. This will give a very different behavior than what we are used to in Europe, where mainly air suspended trucks are driving. Below is a measurement that is presented at the European Packaging Symposium (Oct 2011). These measurements are very similar to the profile of the new ASTM standard.

In the new ASTM version is given an advice, to test at each level with a particular test time, see below for an example sequence (with thereby calculated theoretical time by us):
- 40 minutes at low level (265 km)
- 15 minutes at medium level (210 km)
- 5 minutes at high level (50 km)
Overall, the test will simulate around 1600km if chosen for three cycles. This is significantly less than what most customers choose, with 2300km (old version level II for 3 hours).

What is our advice?

We at Sebert Trillingstechniek believe that this change has a positive effect on the truck simulation using leaf-spring vehicles. However, when only an air suspension truck is used, then there is a possibility of over-testing. You could consider choosing for an air-ride program, as defined in the ASTM D 4728 condition. See below for the profiles:ASTM D 4169 version 14 vs 16

See Table below for the simulated time vs. distance

Test standard Test time Distance simulated
ASTM D4169-14 level II 3 hours 2300 km
ASTM D 4169-16 (3* cyclus) 3 hours 1600 km
ASTM D 4728 Air Ride Truck 3 hours 1000 km

This data is indicative and no rights can be derived

Due to this change it is even more important to determine the LCA (Life Cycle Analysis) for the transport of your product. So you can choose for the old profiles (ASTM D 4169 version 2014), which has proven itself for almost 15 years since our foundation.
But you can also go for the new changes, where you must ask yourself the question, how realistic it could be that your product will be transported with a leaf-spring truck or only with an air suspension truck.

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