Introducing our shock/vibration analysis calculator (1x free report)


At Sebert Trillingstechniek we offer acoustic tube mounts, Steel Wire Rope Mounts and Rubber damping units for the purpose of reducing shocks, vibrations and noise. How do you choose the right spring for your own situation? 

We have developed our own software to provide you with exactly the right information on how best to reduce these shocks and vibrations.  To give an impression of what the possibilities are for you, we are currently offering the first calculation free of charge throughout 2022 (Code: 20jaar-Sebert). You will then be able to see at a glance what the reduction in acceleration levels would be, along with any associated displacements.

It is also possible to conduct an independent examination in our accredited test laboratory, which would enable you to verify the theoretical prediction with some practical measurements on a vibration table or shock machine. If you would like to receive more specific details relating to your own requirements, we kindly request that send to us an e-mail to with the following details: dimensions, weight, center of gravity, mounting position (preferably in PDF format) and also the shock input values.

If you have any questions or would like to see a demonstration, please contact us via MS Teams.

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