Testing IP (Ingress Protection) and IK (Impact Protection) Ratings for Electrical Enclosures [IP44 and IK10]:


We specialize in testing IP (Ingress Protection) and IK (Impact Protection) ratings for electrical enclosures. These ratings specify the level of protection offered by electrical enclosures against unwanted objects, dust, water, and mechanical impacts.

1. IP Rating Testing:

IP ratings consist of two digits. The first digit indicates protection against dust and unwanted objects, while the second digit indicates protection against water.
To test the IP rating of an electrical enclosure, you can follow the steps below:

For testing dust protection (IP5X or IP6X), use specific dust particles of varying sizes and consistency and attempt to penetrate them into the enclosure. The IP rating will indicate the level of protection against dust guaranteed.

  • For testing protection against unwanted objects that could pose a hazard (IP1X to IP4X), insert specific often-cylinder-shaped objects into the enclosure. For example, in the case of IP4X, a 1 mm steel needle is inserted with a certain pressure through any possible opening in the enclosure. The IP rating will indicate the diameter of protection against unwanted objects guaranteed.
  • For testing water resistance, direct varying amounts of water with different pressure levels onto the enclosure to check if water penetrates. The IP rating will indicate the level of protection against water guaranteed. Please note that if an empty enclosure needs to be tested for certification, no water should be found inside!

2. IK Rating Testing:

The IK rating indicates how well an electrical enclosure can withstand mechanical impact. It is typically tested using a hammer or a similar device. Here are some example steps for testing the IK rating:

  • Place the electrical enclosure on a stable surface.
  • Use a hammer with a known energy level and drop it onto different parts of the enclosure.
  • Assess the damage to the enclosure and record the energy level at which the enclosure still meets the required IK rating.

The IK rating is indicated by a number from 0 to 10, where 0 means no protection against impact, and 10 indicates the highest protection.

It is crucial to consult the specific test procedures and standards applicable to your electrical enclosures. Often, IK10 or even IK10+ is applied.

Costs for Testing IP44 and IK10:

Testing an IP44 combined with an IK10 rating, including a comprehensive English-language report, costs €1,990.00 all-inclusive. The tests can also be conducted on-site. If you are interested in having your electrical enclosures tested, please send an email to info@sebert.nl with a PDF drawing of the test item, your company name, and your requirements, and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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