Step 1: Analysis of the influences of the environment and transport

Moving products, components, components, etc. via the transport route from producer to consumer can take its toll. Products and their packaging are usually put to the test during transport. In many cases, this can be considered the ultimate product test.

Take into account the impact of loading and unloading, transport and storage. The product and the packaging must be able to withstand the mechanical load, such as vibrations and shocks, but also the influence of climate by means of temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure changes. All these conditions affect both the product and the packaging.

These environmental conditions can be measured by Sebert during real-life transport or simulated and tested in our test lab. A realistic test plan then becomes the starting point for our analyses and recommendations.

Data registration

Transport routes are often measured using a SAVER data recorder. The data recorder registers climate, pressure, vibrations and shocks. The analysed data can be used directly for lab simulation. The vibrating table can accurately and reliably reproduce several transport methods from A to B, making it possible to compare test results of the different packages, products and modifications. The test results are analysed by our experts and, when necessary, they provide advice to improve your  packaging and the product.