Step 3. (Re)design of the product/packaging

Testing is done in close cooperation with our customers in order to improve the process of product/packaging optimization. During this process, one or more prototypes can be tested and required changes to the product or packaging could become visible. Based on our experience and connections, we can offer advice on alternative packaging methods and materials.

Anti-shock and vibration technology

We offer a complete service program to support our portfolio, which means that we can calculate the impact resistance and from there test the possible solution in our laboratory.

Vibration isolation

Vibrations naturally occur during the transport of a (packaged) product, as a result of the environment (equipment on board of airplanes, ships, trains, but also wind, etc.), or as a result of the equipment itself (such as engines). Vibrations can cause damage to adjacent machines, increase wear or disrupt measuring equipment. In addition, an unpleasant noise and vibration level may occur for the environment. Anti-vibration technology, usually through the use of springs, aims to prevent vibrations that are transmitted to the environment (passive isolation). It can also be used to protect sensitive equipment against vibrations from the environment (active isolation). In order to create as little vibration as possible, one must judge the level of the vibrations and meet the requirements with the correct spring system, where most factors are being considered.

Shock insulation

Shocks are no different than vibrations, apart from the fact that a shock is usually a one-off. The cause for shocks and vibrations is usually the same; different successive shocks can be considered as a vibration. However, a shock is characterized by a temporary change in position, speed and acceleration. If the mechanical tolerances of the product are significantly exceeded, it is advisable to apply springs to protect the product against extreme external shocks. The springs provide temporary energy absorption of the energy of the released shock; this energy is then temporarily converted into kinetic energy.

Wire Rope, Rubber and Acoustic Tube Mounts

Wire Rope Mounts are the best solution if there are no construction noise requirements, because they are very durable and maintenance-free. The steel wire springs can be used in "extreme" environmental situations; for example, in an environment with oil, extreme temperatures, dust, salt, and solar and nuclear radiation. If there are structural noise requirements, you should apply rubber springs.